Socialization and Entertainment

After so many years of working on individuals with special needs, we have concluded that one of the most important elements, which contribute to their rehabilitation, is socialization. Practice has shown that this can be efficiently achieved through participation to social activities and entertainment programs.
Education and treatment in a completely controlled environment alone, cannot give  these persons a full understanding of the world they live in. Furthermore, they do not cover the need these persons have to be accepted by society as individuals with equal rights to life. It is therefore essential to provide our students with the most adequate socialization programs, so that they can enjoy the quality of life they deserve.
We carefully select and organize such programs for both day pupils and boarders, focused on their individual needs
Participation to social events (i.e. theatre, movies, concerts) as well as dinning to high class restaurants and patisseries are some of the regular activities of our entertainment and socialization programs.
Emphasis is also given to the realization of daily or multi-day excursions, journeys all around the country, summer camps and bathes. Swimming is one of the highlights of this program. During summer, almost all of our guest go to the sea for swimming playing and fun.