In our center, we are able to serve children and young persons with a variety of needs. Primarily, we host persons with mental retardation, which however in many cases coexists with a certain syndrome or with a light form of psychic disorder.

Nevertheless, there are some restrictions as to the severity of problems we are able to cover, since the Center’s infrastructure is such that cases of certain gravity cannot be taken care of. For instance, persons that suffer severe kinetic problems and serious psychical disorders, or grownups that are not able of self-serving cannot be hosted in our center.

In our center, we provide training and education of different levels,  starting from everyday tasks like personal hygiene,  learning to eat and adopting good social behavior.

Moreover, we pay much attention to teaching our pupils reading and writing as well as basic arithmetic and environmental courses.

All teaching and training groups are homogeneous. This way, pupils with limited abilities are able to keep up and not feel pressured by intensive teaching, and contrarily pupils with higher learning  skills do not feel bored due to lack of sufficient stimuli

The services offered by Blazakis Special Care Center, are divided in two main categories: the daily care program and the boardinghouse program. 


The Daily Care Program
The particular program is offered  both  to day pupils and to boarders. Its purpose is to cultivate the individuals’ learning abilities and technical skills, through adequate and carefully selected educational material. Specialized pedagogists conduct the daily care program, always by taking into consideration the uniqueness of each person’s disabilities and needs. Students are divided in homogeneous groups, according to the kind and level of disability they are facing. In this way, the educational program and play therapy is run in the most effective way.
A fully equipped handcraft workroom is used for promoting the individuals’ technical skills and offering them the joy of creativeness. All handcraft activities are coordinated by two occupational therapists with the cooperation of two pedagogists. 
A speech therapist a trainer and a physiotherapist further complete the daily care program. Their aim is to help our students surpass any speech disorders they may face and improve their physical condition and kinetic disabilities. 

The persons that attend the daily care program, are transported from their houses to the Center and vice versa, in new and thoroughly maintained school buses.
The Boardinghouse Program
What motivated us to create the particular program, was our desire to offer to individuals with special needs the most complete and balanced treatment on a twenty-four hour basis. 
Within a perfectly controlled environment and with the contribution of specialized personnel,  our guests enjoy a family atmosphere and the high quality of life they actually deserve. 
The boardinghouse program offers individualized nursing services of high standards. At the same time, our boarders are given the opportunity to participate to all the activities of the daily care program, in order to develop their learning abilities and technical skills.
Our boardinghouse is one of  the very few centers, operating in Greece, which hosts both males and females. Our boarders come from all around the country.